Thursday, 12 November 2015

"Burst Through" Tutorial

Thank you for taking a look at my first photo tutorial. I am calling this the "Burst Through" technique. 

1. Choose your shape - it can be a circle, oval, square - whatever you like.

2. Choose your paper. 

    There are a couple different options here. You can choose a single sheet of double sided patterned paper, or you can choose to use two different patterns. If you do the second one, your bursts will be a little thicker because you are using two layers of paper. 
Helpful hint: Make sure your second piece has the pattern you want facing out. Glue the papers together - cover the whole piece not just the edges - if you don't the "burst" shapes won't stick together.

3. Trace your shape. 

4. Find the centre of your shape - vertically and horizontally. In this example my circle is 3.5"w, so my center point is 1.75". Draw your centre lines from one edge of your shape to the other.

5. Find the centre of each "pie piece" In this case each piece is 2" wide so my centre point is 1". Draw your lines from one side of your shape to the other.

6. Cut your lines using your favourite cutting tool. I use an Exacto knife for this step. I also stole a metal ruler from my husbands tool box for this exact thing.

7. Use a smooth pen in whatever thickness you choose. Roll each "pie piece" to the edge of your shape. Glue each "roll" down - this part can take some patience until it dries enough to stay. Helpful Hint: if there are any pencil lines showing, erase them before gluing your pie piece down. 

8. Add your background layer - I used turquoise cardstock here just for example purposes. 

9. Add your stamp to the front and enjoy! 

I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial. Please share your projects with me - I would love to see what you create! 


  1. It turned out perfect! Great tutorial too. You are so creative my friend!

  2. Totally awesome tutorial Donna!!! Card look beautiful.

  3. Sawwweeeeet! Going to try this today!!