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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Criss Cross Card Tutorial

Thanks for popping by to take a look at my Criss Cross Card tutorial. There are a number of ways to do a this type of card but I am sharing the version I like to use. 

I like how versatile this style of card is. Today I used it to share a recipe but I have also used it to create a baby shower invitation. It can also be used as a card - the insert would include the message. 

Now, on to the how to's of how I make a Criss Cross card. 

Gather your supplies: cardstock, patterned paper, paper trimmer, scoring tool. 

Cut two (2) pieces of cardstock at 41/4" x 11".  Score both pieces at 51/2"

Cut one base piece from the centre top (at your score line)  to the bottom left corner. The second base piece will be cut from the centre top to the bottom right corner. 

Fold both pieces along the score line. Add adhesive to the back of one of the base pieces - it doesn't matter which one really - and add it to your second base piece.

Cut a 4" x 5" piece of patterned paper and then cut in half from corner to corner. This will give you your pieces for the front of your card. You can choose to use two different patterns or one - whatever your heart desires. 

Adhere patterned paper to your base pieces. Add adhesive to the bottom of each of your base pieces (the diagonal cut) and adhere them to the card. 

For the insert: cut a 33/4" x 51/4" piece of cardstock and decorate as desired. 
I have added a piece of ribbon and a brad to give the recipient a place to hold the insert to pull it out but you can use whatever you like to create a "pull tab". 

I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial. I would love to see what you create if you give this a try! 

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  1. Awesome and straight forward tutorial! Saved this one to use for a cute Hostess gift when taking something to a potluck!