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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Marker and Stamp Storage

I have a very small cardmaking/scrapbooking room so I have to be come up with creative storage solutions. 

I wanted to share this post today because I'm sure I'm not alone in trying to find storage solutions that work and hope it helps bring some ideas for your own space. 

I had two challenges: 
1. An ever growing stamp collection and 
2. how to store my alcohol markers. The stamps were being stored in 12x12 plastic containers and it took forever to find the stamp I was looking for! So frustrating!!!

Once I found the stamp and was ready to colour - I had my markers in plastic bins and looking for the colours I wanted took longer then colouring! Grrrr!

I also have to admit - I like things organized. My blood pressure goes through the roof if things are not clean and neat - in most areas of my life that is - my "play" space is one of those places, my office at work is the other. 

So, I went on a storage solution finding mission for the space I had to work with and my budget which is not alot. 

Here is what I started with for stamp storage: I had two of these cases full and my collection continues to grow...........

I searched the internet and crafting world over and came up with a solution that works for me and gives me a chance to continue adding more stamps - that's the best part!

The bottom drawer of my wicker unit is quite large. I found some bins at a dollar store and can fit three of them into this drawer and there is still room left over. 

For my stamps, I found some Double Sided Disc Sleeves at Staples. Two pockets means I can put two stamps in one sleeve. I cut the picture of the stamp out of the original packaging and slid it in the front of the envelope and put a label in the top with the names of the stamps (this sleeve only has one stamp in it so far).

Here is a close up of one of the bins. Each bin includes different stamps by different companies (thanks to the label at the top) and they are all grouped together in the bin. 

The only exception to this is the larger sets I have that are in the side of the bin oh, and the Christmas bin - yup, Christmas has it's own bin! 

The best part is, this stand is right beside my desk so I'm no longer pacing back and forth from the stamps in a box on a shelf to my desk. 

For my marker storage I went from small plastic bins tucked away on a shelf  to this: 

I found plastic baking soda  box holders at a dollar store. I put them together with double sided foam tape ("borrowed"  from hubby's tool box tee hee)  to keep them from moving around. They were very unsturdy so I had to find a way to corral them. Thankfully, my dad is good with woodworking and after I sent him the measurements of what I needed - voila! All my markers are at my fingertips on my desk and I even have one spot where I keep my Memento Ink and my medium sized acrylic block for easy access. 

Thanks for stopping by. I know this post isn't about a card I made but I wanted to share a couple of my storage solutions. Now.........off to try to figure out how to corral my ribbon..............

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